OK, So SOME People DO Care About Firefox 6!

The organization “Chitika Insights” is the research arm of online advertising network “Chitika.” They use their data to monitor and report on Internet trends – search engines, clickthrough rates, the mobile war, and more. So, when they show Firefox 6 usage IS up… I guess some folks were suitably impressed!

Firefox 6 Takes Off, up to Over 8% of Traffic

“August 16th saw the release of the newest version of Firefox; Firefox 6, and already the browser is taking off with rave reviews. The second version released under Mozilla’s new rapid-release process, Firefox 6 has seen a huge bump in our network since release day.

To quantify the spike of traffic, Chitika took a look at all USA and Canadian traffic from August 16th to August 22nd, and took a look at the hourly growth of Firefox 6 as a function of both overall traffic, and just Firefox traffic.

Clearly, Firefox 6 is growing, already consisting of just over 8% of our total traffic by the end of the day on August 22nd. Also of note, though, is the periodic growth of Firefox 6: peaks tend to occur at the beginning of each day, and valleys occur at the early morning hours when Internet Explorer is primarily in use.”

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